For an assignment I made sketches for this article. I found all the different perspectives in the article interesting and decided to show these different viewpoints in one product.
This is how I came up with the idea of making a leporello. There are hands on the sides of the leporello, symbolic of the most altruistic person: Jesus Christ. The book could be hanged on a wall with nails going through the hands, but just standing on the table it looks like one arm. Hands are also a symbol of altruism in general.
To show the different viewpoints, I made one side more communist/altruistic and the other side capitalist/egoistic. To show that these are different, I gave the communist/altruistic side the red colour and the capitalist/egoistic side the blue colour. This also represents the political ideas.
One side is not better than the other side, they are equally as bad or good.
This book is made by printing A5 linocuts, six on each side.
The process of making the book
First I made some test prints to see if I needed to cut away some more of the linoleum. After this I made some differences, like adding the quotes on the plates with the politicians and philosophers. I wanted that image to contain portraits with one philosopher who believes in a certain (communist or capitalist) ideology, and one politician who practices that ideology. By adding the quotes, the connection between them is more clear.
After this, I decided to print the final book in two colors: red and blue. The communist/altruistic side would be red and the capitalist/egoistic side would be blue.
I'm still in the process of learning to print a book as big as this one. Future plans would be to print more books with silkscreen, which is easier to do than printing them with a press. I would also like the colors to be more vibrant and the paper could be thicker than the 200 grams paper that I used.
Still, I am happy with the results. I learned a lot during the process.

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