Hi! I'm Kim Vermeulen (1995), a printmaker, illustrator, curator and art historian living in Groningen, the Netherlands. As an illustrator and printmaker, I mostly enjoy working with analog techniques such as linocut and woodcut. I design and print silkscreen gig posters for the venue VERA Groningen. As a curator and art historian, my interests lie in modern and contemporary art, with a main focus on women artists, self-representation and art concerning gender and sexuality. The importance of modern and contemporary art and design, in all of its diversity and varieties, and the (re)interpretation of this, are highly valued by me. I also have knowledge about art from Groningen, from the beginnings of De Ploeg to post-war Groningen. I am able to work as a freelancer for your organisation. Please contact me if you have questions, projects or commissions!

2024 | EPEX (European Poster Explosion) at Kunstgenootschap Pictura, Groningen
2019 | Illustratie57 at Academie Minerva, Groningen
2019 | Bouw ZP7 and hans doet dingen, Groningen
2018 | Cross Comix, Rotterdam
2018 | "Sneak Peek" at Vera, Groningen
2018 | "Sneak Peek" at Bistro Basta, Groningen
2018 | Illustratie57 at Academie Minerva, Groningen
2018 | Week of the Artist Book at Academie Minerva, Groningen

2023 | Master Art History & Curatorial Studies, University of Groningen 
Including six month internship at the Groninger Museum, under supervision of ds. Nadia Abdelkaui, curator of Art in Groningen 1850 to the present.
MA Thesis: "Behind the Mask of the Other: The photographic self-portrait and the performative nature of identity in the works of Claude Cahun, Cindy Sherman and Gillian Wearing", supervised by dr. L.H.M.P. Delfgaauw and dr. P. de Ruiter. Grade: 8, graduated with judicum cum laude.

2021 | Pre-Master Art History, University of Groningen
BA Thesis: "Rethinking Louise Bourgeois' Femme Maison works: Feminist interpretations & present-day curatorial practices", supervised by dr. C. L. Caspers and dr. P. de Ruiter. Grade: 8.

2020 | Bachelor Illustration and Animation Design, Minerva Art Academy, Groningen
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