As part of my internship at the Groninger Museum (Sep 2022-Feb 2023), I curated a room called MAN + MACHINE dedicated to the donation of three sculptures by Groningen artist Eduard Waskowsky (1934-1976). Two of these sculptures are shown in this room in the permanent collection part of the museum, together with his international contemporaries Tajiri and Constant, but also other artists from Groningen like De Wolf, Tissing and Van Dijk.
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After World War II, an innovative artistic climate evolved in Groningen. Pioneering artists were not afraid to explore whole new avenues, experimenting with a variety of materials, colours and shapes. There was no more room for pre­war aesthetics. The shapes they created often referred to machines or robots. In 1965, four members of this art movement – Jo van Dijk, Martin Tissing, Henri de Wolf and Edu Waskowsky – showcased their work at the Gr4K exhibition in the Groninger Museum. Their art was characterised by a mix of both rough and refined techniques, thus establishing a relationship with international art movements such as CoBrA.
In this room, we see the artists of Gr4K together with a few of their contemporaries. Among them is Groningen artist Ruloff Manuputty, whose raw art influenced a younger generation. Other artists active outside Groningen, such as Constant and Shinkichi Tajiri, were also driven by spontaneity and the use of raw materials. On closer inspection, you will notice that works by female artists are not on display. Even though they were active, unfortunately no comparable works are (yet) included in the Groninger Museum collection.
This presentation was made possible by a gift of Edu Waskowsky sculptures from Corrie and Harry Swaak.

Next to this, I also wrote a press release.
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