During my Master's I followed a course "Collections & Artefacts" by dr. Peter de Ruiter. During this course, all students had to choose an artwork from the Kunstmuseum Den Haag collection and present thorough research trough presentation and a written paper. I chose the artwork Dangaster Landschaft (1910) by Max Pechstein, to be seen on the right. Pechstein was part of the German Expressionist group Die Brücke and created this painting in Dangast, where fellow Die Brücke-members were also staying at the time.
As part of my research, I visited the kurhaus in Dangast that Pechstein depicted in his painting and did extensive research on its provenance, visual analysis, material-technical aspects, style, art critical perception and acquisition and presentation at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. My presentation and paper were graded with a 9.
Furthermore, I curated a virtual exhibition in which Pechstein's Dangaster Landschaft is exhibited with a wall text. The wall text is also shown underneath.
If you have any questions about the virtual exhibition or the paper that I wrote, please let me know.
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